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Technology That Illuminates.


See yourself objectively and perform optimally.

Our passion is for problem-solving the hard stuff. We use innovation to measure nuances that are difficult to define, such as an athlete’s skill. Our offerings bring objectivity and valuable insights to training, planning, decision-making, talent management and return on investment.


We are explorers who begin with “why".


Innovation drives us.

Seattle Sport Sciences develops new ways to do things, providing significant competitive advantages for you – better, different, more accurate and profitable. Skill analytics makes it possible to measure, analyze and compare player skill.


First Touch Can Be Measured.

We've done it, and you can too.

Our innovators are always exploring new and unique ways of applying technology to solve problems. Providing cloud-based analytics of every soccer skill, our most recent offerings – the ISOTechne®  platform and ISOTechne®  2Victa®  Training System – provide organizations with insights to make better decisions and improve performance across all levels.

This is Our Idea Lab.

It can be the birthplace of your next great idea too.

Our state-of-the art Center for Innovation and Skill Analytics (CISA) is an advanced training lab and product engineering facility. We think it is rather awesome. This unique facility is also open to outside innovation leaders for testing and advancing their offerings.