World’s First Remote-Controlled, Programmable System.

Consistent service allows skill optimization.

The 2Victa® Training System allows athletes to hone advanced skills — such as side volleys, receiving a ball over the shoulder, or repetitive crosses at goalkeeper fingertip height — that are difficult to master due to lack of consistent service. Using multiple ISOTechne 2Victa devices, you can seamlessly combine a variety of consecutive game-like services in a training environment, and even offer custom designed station training.

The 2Victa Training System repeats the same ball speed, spin, elevation and direction as many times as needed, and can be operated remotely or through a tethered control panel. Coaches can now focus on assessing and instructing, versus organizing and conducting drills. Players perform better and are more confident of their skills going into games.

ISOTechne Motion sensors and signals

ISOTechne® Motion devices track player and ball movement and signal player movement. When tapped by a player, the Motion signals the 2Victa device to serve the ball to a pre-determined location. Multiple Motion devices can be used to upload objective data on player movement, speed and accuracy to the 2Victa LaunchPad for immediate, real-time viewing. The 2Victa Training System includes one 2Victa, two Motion devices, two agility poles and two pole mounts , two net mounts and a LaunchPad with Pulse. Additional devices may be purchased separately.

Create dynamic training sessions

Offering robotics, a ball feeder, handheld remote control, and unlimited training applications, the 2Victa Training System provides many benefits:

·       Coordinate service for multiple 2Victa devices, using a single LaunchPad

·       Precisely control ball speed, spin, elevation, direction and firing rate via the                    handheld LaunchPad

·       Capture detailed performance data when used with ISOTechne Platform cloud-                based skill analytics

·       Ability to save various service settings within a training session

·       Automatic ball feeder holds 16 size-5 balls and frees up coaching staff

·       Coaches can provide one-on-one instruction to athletes

·       Athletes can train independently

Add the ISOTechne® Platform for powerful skill analytics

Save real-time 2Victa session data to the cloud and share it across an organization by integrating the ISOTechne® Platform with the 2Victa training system. Measure and compare player skill to past performance as well as to other players and groups. ISOTechne Skill Analytics allow you to make better decisions about player assets and ultimately affect the organization’s overall performance. Contact us today to learn how the ISOTechne Platform can be customized to your training needs.


  • Ball speed: 20-76 mph (30-122 kmph)

  • Rate of spin: 0-10 revolutions per second

  • Axis of spin: 0-360 degrees

  • Side-to-side range: 48 degrees (without moving machine)

  • Elevation range: Horizontal to +35 degrees

  • Effective training range: 10-75 yards (10-70 m)

  • Repeatability

  • From 20-25 yards (20-25 m): 1 yard (1 m) diameter

  • From 35-40 yards (30-35 m): 3 yards (3 m) diameter

  • Battery life: Typically 3-5 hours on one charge (depending on usage)

  • Recharge time: Generally equal to discharge time

  • Operating temperature: 32-95° F (0-35° C)

  • Easily transportable in minivans, SUVs and most cars

*Based on typical results under normal conditions. Ball inflation and/or wear, weather conditions such as wind and rain, and contaminants such as grass and mud will affect your results.

To learn how the 2Victa Training System can benefit your organization, contact Jeff Vogt, Director of Sales, Seattle Sport Sciences at +1 425-939-0015 ext 1002 or