American Know-How Applied to the World’s Favorite Sport.

Seattle Sport Sciences is a sports and entertainment technology company. Innovation and collaboration drive us to create technology to derive data that help people improve their experience and performance.

Accomplished engineers with in-depth experience in robotics, mechanical engineering, biomechanics and computers form the nucleus of our company. Our founders bring extensive technology experience through former leading roles at Microsoft, IBM and Philips. We embrace a culture of continually seeking and exploring new ways to solve vexing problems.

Soccer is our other all-consuming passion. Out of love and respect for the game, we develop technology to provide data to soccer club executives, coaches, trainers and players to assess skill and improve performance.

Our initial offering – the award-winning SideKick Techne® Pro – offered the first accurate, consistent and repeatable ball service. We’ve pioneered Skill Analytics, which allow objective measurement of a player’s ability to perform any specific skill through our newest technology, the 2Victa® Training System and ISOTechne® Platform.

Our Center for Innovation and Skill Analytics (CISA) serves as our research and development facility and think tank. It allows us to provide live technology demonstrations to anywhere in the world. CISA is also open to other peer innovation companies seeking to develop their products and services.