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Welcome to Our Think Tank.

Our Center for Innovation and Skill Analytics (CISA) in Redmond, Washington, is the world’s first smart soccer training facility dedicated to the purpose of Skill Analytics. It is here that we pioneer our new technology.

Serving as Seattle Sport Science’s research and development facility, the center provides access to turf-covered sports labs, 3D printers, machine and assembly space, digital display panels, audio-visual recording equipment, studio and advanced theater lighting, and high-speed Wi-Fi internet for global streaming of remote demonstrations, knowledge sharing and training.

This unique facility is also open to organizations for testing and advancing their technologies, including top brands in sports, footwear, equipment, soccer apparatus, rehabilitation and entertainment industries, as well as education institutions and their sport science departments.

Let’s explore together. Be a part of our innovation revolution.

To schedule a tour, live stream demonstration, or the use of CISA for your purposes, contact us today.