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In Pursuit of the One Percent Edge.

Seattle Sport Sciences is always seeking ways to improve on yesterday. We’re never done innovating and improving our technology.

Soccer clubs consider what is easy to observe. They use video and GPS tools to assess the physiological and biometric aspects of a player’s performance as well as in-game situations. To be able to truly evaluate something, you need to be able to measure it and repeat it. And that’s where other technologies fall short.

Our culture of innovation was born of the quest to measure what is difficult: skill. We coined the term Skill Analytics to describe the benefit of what our customers gain from our exclusive technology: the ability to objectively capture and analyze a soccer player’s skill down to the side of the foot they play better with.

We pioneered Skill Analytics to measure the many aspects of a soccer player’s skill just as sabermetrics assesses skills in baseball. Similar to a batter’s hitting zone, organizations can objectively evaluate training improvement through a player’s 23 points of contact and first touch. These advanced methods help clubs to improve performance and gain a competitive advantage.

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