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We're Bringing Soccer into the Modern Age.

As our company has grown, so too has our technology. The award-winning SideKick Techne® Pro ball machine was our very first product. Our newest innovations are the ISOTechne® Platform and 2Victa® Training System.

The cloud-based ISOTechne® Platform leads to ISOTechne Skill Analytics. ISOTechne Skill Analytics enable organizations to create evidence-based training. Coaches can see what is objective and true about a player’s strengths and weaknesses and tailor a training program to enhance his or her skills.

The 2Victa Training System produces the most consistent, repeatable and reliable ball service in the sport. It holds sixteen balls that can be served at preprogrammed speeds, distances, and trajectories, with any spin desired. Service is repeatable, reliable and accurate from 10 to 76 mph, up to 75 yards.

ISOTechne is the only technology in soccer that:

  • Measures first touch

  • Maps a player’s 23 touch points

  • Measures and analyzes skills and aggregates data on every individual player and/or group of players

  • Provides numerous benefits to staff at all levels of an organization, including optimized decision making and enhanced return on investment

Our technology offerings continue to evolve and serve the retail, entertainment, and rehabilitation industries to the highest level of professional sport. Contact us to learn more.

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